Bar fencing

Safe, strong, durable and stylish

Are you thinking about bar fencing for your site? Do you want environmentally-friendly or competitively-priced bar fencing? Do you want a businesslike look or a charming interplay of lines? And do you prefer super-strong or design? Your choice was never easier: Heras bar fencing combines all of these excellent features.

Bar fencing: safe and versatile

Our demarcation with bars is available in different designs and heights. But they all have at least one thing in common: reliability. All of our bar fencing complies with all the applicable standards and legislation. That way, the safety of people, material and your site is guaranteed and every outdoor environment is secure and protected.

From commercial buildings to educational institutions and from high-visibility locations to parking lots: Heras has a suitable demarcation with bars for every location.

Our range of bar fencing

Bar fencing Grence Heracles

Bar fencing Grence Heracles combines a classic style with durability and safety. Manufactured using the Heras ‘Twist and stent’ technique where the bars are fixed [...]

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Bar fencing Grence Atlas

Bar fencing Grence Atlas combines elegance, durability and safety. This attractive fence is ideal for office buildings, schools, and other high-visibility locations. [...]

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Bar fencing Atlas

Atlas combining elegance, durability and safety, is manufactured in our own factory to satisfy the strictest quality controls. This attractive fence is ideal for[...]

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Bar fencing Heracles

Bar fencing Heracles combines a classic style with durability and safety. This attractive fence is ideal for high-visibility commercial and industrial locations.

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Bar fencing Athos

Bar fencing Athos is ideal for office buildings, factories, and other locations where a strong and solid perimeter is important. This fence, combining strength,[...]

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Bar fencing Orpheus

Orpheus fence panel combines a modern style with durability and safety. The upper surface of the top and bottom rails is rounded to prevent moisture and dirt[...]

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This is how you choose the right demarcation with bars

The right level of protection

Choose the bar fencing that best suits your needs. Is the demarcation with bars mainly a symbolic partition? Or does the demarcation have a deterrent function? We offer a suitable solution for every situation. Slightly lower bar fencing visually shields the site. Do you want to block access? Then choose high demarcation with bars.

A design that complements the surroundings

Besides the right level of protection, it is important that the bar fencing design blends in with the surroundings. Heras bar fencing gives you the perfect combination of safety and aesthetics. Did you know that all of our bar fencing is available in different colour options? Feel free to download our brochures for the various models so that you can read about them at your leisure.

What does bar fencing cost?

With Heras, you are guaranteed an attractive price. We calculate the costs of demarcation with bars per metre. You decide how many metres you want and we tell you how much budget you need.

More than bar fencing?

A demarcation is the basis for good outdoor security. Do you want to reduce the risk even further? Then ask one of our specialists for security advice. We have high-security solutions for every risk profile and every sector. For example, we can specifically help building contractors, healthcare providers, municipalities, logistics and transport companies, educational institutions and architectural projects. The options include automated gates, access control and detection and camera systems to strengthen your security.

Get in touch with us

Do you need tailor-made security advice? Then contact us straight away. And because technical solutions for perimeter protection prove themselves best in practice, you can also make an appointment to come to our Experience Center. There, our security advisers will be happy to show you which bar fencing is the best fit for your site.

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