Enclose your site with durable chainlink demarcation

Are you looking for a flexible and sustainable way to cordon off your site? Then find out more about what Heras can do for you in terms of chainlink demarcation. This flexible demarcation can be installed quickly and easily and is suitable for a wide range of applications.

What is chainlink demarcation?

Chainlink demarcation (also called wire mesh or harmonica mesh demarcation) is made of braided metal plastic-coated wire. The width of the mesh varies according to the intended use. The narrower the mesh, the more difficult it is to climb or damage the fence. Metal vertical posts provide the necessary strength and rigidity.

How do I choose the right chainlink demarcation?

Heras can provide you with an attractive, sustainable and flexible solution: Orses.

This chainlink demarcation is particularly suitable for lighter applications. Which Orses demarcation best meets your needs depends entirely on your wishes and requirements. After all, every site is unique. Every organisation is unique. And every security challenge is unique.

Do you just need the chainlink demarcation to mark the boundaries of your property? Then the basic version of Orses will suffice. Do you have specific requirements? For example, do you want your fence to deter people? Or do you want to make it as difficult as possible for people to climb over it? Then all kinds of extra options are available. For example, a different mesh thickness, extra tension wires or oblique pointed wire holders on the posts. So first think carefully about what you want to achieve with your fence. Then determine what that means for your chainlink demarcation.

If you need help making your decision, you can ask for free advice here.

Chainlink fence Orses

The Orses combines durability and security with solid yet transparent fencing. It consists of plastic-coated chain link wire attached to robust galvanized steel posts [...]

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Which chainlink demarcation can Heras supply?

The all-round chainlink demarcation supplied by Heras is called Orses. Orses gives you all the flexibility you need. Orses is a widely applicable, durable chainlink demarcation that is available in a range of designs and for an attractive price. The ‘Basic’ model consists of plastic-coated fence mesh and very robust galvanised steel posts. As an extra option, a horizontal top tube can give the chainlink demarcation extra strength. As an anti-climb feature, you can also opt for a straight or oblique pointed wire holder with barbed wire. Where necessary, your demarcation can be expanded in a modular way with fence detection systems.

As standard, the components such as posts are galvanised and the connectors and pointed wire holders are made of aluminium. A coated option is also optionally available.

Do you want to install chainlink demarcation? We can do that for you!

How do I install a chainlink demarcation? You don’t have to ask yourself that question. Our experts at Heras will arrange everything for you. Installing a demarcation starts by positioning the posts. The posts are pneumatically vibrated into the ground to a depth of 100 cm. They are also optionally available with a base plate. The end and corner posts are then extra-reinforced with concrete.

It goes without saying that Heras can also help you to prune the vegetation, remove any obstacles, break up and repair any asphalt or brick paving and dispose of demolition and pruning materials. Ask your sales adviser about the possible options.

What does a chainlink demarcation cost?

The prices per metre for a chainlink demarcation are surprisingly low because you purchase everything in one place: at Heras. We design, manufacture, install and maintain solutions that suit every sector and every situation. Ask for a quote right away.

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Do you need help choosing a fence that meets all your needs? Ask for free advice here. We’d be happy to help you analyse your needs and determine the most suitable chainlink demarcation for your situation. Needless to say, you are also very welcome to visit our Experience Center. There, you can view different versions of our chainlink demarcation and you can also experience the effect of extra tension wires or a horizontal top tube.