Mesh fencing

for demarcation and crime prevention

Perimeter protection starts with demarcation, defining the boundary of the premises. Mesh fencing panels mark perimeters, and act as an effective form of crime prevention protecting against vandalism, climbing, forced entry and terror attacks.

How does mesh fencing prevent crime?

Heras’ metal mesh fencing panels are built using robust materials that are anti-climb and anti-vandalism to protect high security sites and critical assets by resisting and significantly delaying a sustained assault.

Why choose Heras mesh fencing to mark a boundary and prevent crime?

Mesh fences benefit customers by creating a demarcation barrier around a perimeter that deters opportunist attacks.

Welded options have been designed to meet any level of security requirement, helping today’s businesses, industries and communities meet their increasingly complex and demanding security needs.

These security fences also prevent wildlife such as rabbits, badgers and foxes burrowing under the fence and gaining access. This is especially important for utilities organisations where animal intrusion could interrupt supply and have far reaching social and economic consequences. For example, if an animal enters a water plant and drowns, it could contaminate drinking water; or rodents gnawing electricity or gas cables could interrupt critical IT infrastructure, resulting in a loss of systems.

Steel mesh fence Zenith A1

High-security fencing, cost-effectively developed and LPS1175 A1 rated. Difficult to climb in and cut open. Discover more now.

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Mesh fencing Uni Security

Uni Security offers security at the highest level thanks to extra strength and rigidity. This ensures top security is within everyone’s reach.

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Mesh fencing Pallas Security

Pallas Security is a top product from the welded mesh fence series. This demarcation combines clean lines with durability, robustness and safety.

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Mesh fencing Pallas Light

The Pallas light panel combines the transparency and versatility of chain link fences with the strength and appearance of bar fencing.

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Mesh fencing Pallas

The Pallas fence panel combines the transparency and versatility of chain link fences with the strength and appearance of bar fencing.

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Mesh fencing Triton

The Triton mesh fence panel is distinguished by its attractively profiled welded mesh panels. This gives the Triton a modern and representative appearance, but is[...]

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What mesh fencing solutions does Heras offer?

Heras’ ultra-secure, durable mesh fences are available in different designs, widths, heights and materials – metal or steel – to meet every need. The range offers something suitable for different environments, from protecting businesses, schools, hospitals and manufacturing sites against opportunistic attack, through to preventing more sustained attacks on utility companies, nuclear power stations, airports, military sites, and oil and gas terminals. Steel mesh fencing is ideal for fencing in business parks, playgrounds and places with many passers-by.

Mesh fences are customisable and easy to install

The fences can be enhanced with a range of security toppings such as barbed wire to provide an extra deterrent against attack. The metal fence panels are prefabricated and quick and easy to install. They have been designed to last for years and always deliver an aesthetically appealing end result.

How much do mesh fences cost?

The fences are low cost and quotes are tailored to each customer’s size and design requirements.

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Mesh fencing can form part of an even more robust security solution, and Heras offers complementary products such as Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) and entrance control systems to meet every need.

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