Entrance control

Safe and secure entry points

Sliding gates

Looking for a safe, fast and elegant sliding gate? View our range of manual and automated sliding gates. Heras – the expert in perimeter protection.

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Swing gates

A Heras swing gate is an excellent way to control access through your perimeter into your site or building/s. A swing gate is ideal for many applications such as[...]

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The sGate was specifically developed by Heras as a functional solution to combine the operating speed of a barrier with the security levels of a gate. It is ideal for [...]

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Barriers are widely used in places where fast access control is important. Barriers allow for easily and efficiently keeping out unauthorised persons.

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High security turnstile gates from Heras provide reliable, controlled pedestrian access for commercial and industrial sites, and stadiums. Heras secure turnstile[...]

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Communication solutions

Proper security begins with communication. Heras offers tailor-made solutions such as communication pedestals, intercom and videophone.

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You don’t want everyone to have easy access to your site. The Heras entrance control solutions allow you to securely close your site and provide controlled access to people, vehicles and goods. Our offering includes barriers or turnstiles, but also a robust sliding or swing gates or a fast speed gates. Whatever your wishes and requirements, there is always an access gate that suits your situation and helps organize the incoming and outgoing visitor flows.

How do I choose the right gateway?

Each site is unique. Every organization is unique. And every safety challenge is unique. Which gate best suits your situation depends on a number of factors. Reliability and a rapid closure of the entrance gates is crucial to make the perimeter of your site or building  fully protected. Properly functioning gates prevent unwanted visitors. There are solutions that combine fast access with a high degree of security. If speed and security are less important, you may want to be able to safely close your site at the end of the day? Then you can choose from various attractively priced models.

A sliding gate is ideally suited to span large passages. With a swing gate you can easily control access to your site, for example for pedestrians, or when security and speed are less important.

In addition, Heras offers turnstiles for pedestrian access in various designs and specializations. A speed gate is a good solution for high-security applications or with limited installation space. They allow quick access and reduce space required with a folding system.

What types of gates does Heras offer?

From gateway to total package, Heras supplies a wide range of access systems.

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Mechanical or electronic access control

Heras offers both mechanical gates and electronic entrance gates. Access control solutions include sliding gates, swing gates, barriers, turnstiles and speed gates.

What types of entrance gates are there?

All kinds of fences and gates are available. From automatic gates to manually operated sliding gates or sliding gates. Are you looking for a steel gate, an electric gate or aluminum gate? And do you want to combine your robust metal gate with an access control system? You will find the right options at Heras. Which one fits best depends entirely on your situation. Every organization is different. Every location is different. And every safety challenge is different.


Municipality of Amsterdam: existing fence of municipal yard combined with modern iGate

A municipal yard of the municipality of Amsterdam has to deal with incoming and outgoing traffic day in and day out. Heras realized a modern solution that combines existing, architecturally designed fencing with a lightweight aluminum iGate. This cantilever sliding gate guarantees solidity, durability and design.
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Want to know more about entrance gates?

Do you need customized security advice? Please contact Heras. Because technical solutions for perimeter protection prove themselves best in practice, you can also make an appointment in our Experience Center. Here our security advisers will be happy to let you experience which solution best suits your terrain.