Control your traffic flows with a durable, sleek and solid barrier.

Do you want to control the traffic to and from your premises? Then check out the Heras barriers. Heras automated barriers are specially designed to control your traffic flows, no matter how heavy they are.

What is the best barrier for my situation?

Barriers are often installed at company buildings, airports and seaports, high-risk sites, transport and distribution sites or car parks. Are you interested in buying a car park barrier? Maybe in combination with a parking system? Then there are a variety of options. Which barriers and parking systems are most suitable depends entirely on your situation. Every organisation is different.

Every site is different. And every security challenge is different. We will gladly help you make the right choice. You can contact us here for free advice right now.

What types of barriers are available?

Barriers are widely used in places where fast access control is important. Barriers allow for easily and efficiently keeping out unauthorised persons. You will find our barriers at airports and seaports, commercial buildings, office buildings, storage sites, industrial estates, high-risk sites, transport and distribution sites and car parks.

Heras Traffic Barrier (HTB)

The Heras Traffic Barrier (HTB) range is a range of sustainably produced barriers that are ideal for controlling (intensive) traffic flows.

More information

Heras Traffic Barrier

With the Heras Traffic Barrier range, we offer many options to choose from. The energy consumption of our barrier drives is very low. Yet they still provide sufficient power to ensure fast opening and closing of barriers. Even if you opt for a barrier with a maximum arm length of 6 metres, it will open and close very quickly. The drive is housed in an attractively designed aluminium housing. Your barrier looks sleek and solid.

All kinds of additional options are available

Depending on your requirements, we can equip your barrier with LED lighting and an electromechanical arm lock unit. A fixed or hinged safety post is also possible. Would you like your access system in a specific colour? No problem. You can choose the colour of the housing, the hood and the panels.

What does a barrier cost?

The price of a barrier depends on its length, motor and any additional options you choose. Would you like to know the price? We will gladly prepare a calculation for you. Ask for a quote right away.

Would you like to learn more about Heras barriers?

Would you like to learn more about our barriers? Or do you need tailor-made security advice? Ask for free advice here. We’d be happy to help you analyse your needs and determine the most suitable barrier for your situation. Needless to say, you are also very welcome to visit our Experience Centre. There you can see our solutions in action.

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