Electric Fence

Electronic detection system to prevent unauthorised access

Electric fence is a sleek electronic detection and deterrent system to prevent unauthorised access to fenced locations. The system consists of a grid of horizontal wires, extending from the ground to roughly 50 centimetres above the fence line.

The modular system allows several zones to be combined to create the perfect solution for most fences and gates. The twined and elastic wires are firmly affixed in special insulated profiles to remain taut in all weather conditions. A flexible topping (which can be used independently) prevents intruders climbing over a fence.

The standard grid uses high-voltage and earth wires; an optional ‘bi-polar’ configuration uses only high-voltage wires to maximise the shock effect and eliminate tampering. Switch to low voltage mode to avoid unintended severe electric shocks.

  • Sleek and effective detection/deterrent
  • Robust and weather resistant
  • Separate zone on/off switches and
    high/low voltage modes
  • Anti-tampering protection
  • Impossible to climb without detection

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Various applications

The Electric Fence is available in a range of different configurations and suitable for various applications at almost any location. This solution can be used at all locations that require deterrence and detection, such as transport and logistics and automotive locations. The system can also be used at high-risk locations, such as airports, prisons, harbours and military sites.

In addition to solutions in combination with new and existing demarcation, Electric Fence can also be used in the form of a grid that can be mounted on walls, facades or roofs.

Method for Electric Fence

Heras offers the following options for Electric Fence:

How does Electric Fence work?

The Electric Fence solution from our partner Nemtek works for purposes of detection and as a deterrent. A very effective solution that can be integrated into our SMS solutions. This ensures that the alarm of an attempted intrusion is detected very quickly and efficiently.

Physical deterrence

The Heras Electric Fence consists of horizontal wires that are installed at a certain distance (depending on the required security level). The grid starts just above ground level and continues to approximately 500 millimetres above the fence line and is available as a flexible fence. This ensures full coverage of an attack over or through the fence. The high-voltage pulses flowing through each wire ensure highly effective detection and deterrence.

Safe low-voltage options

To prevent unintentional shocks, this system can be set to low voltage for daytime detection. The twisted and ‘elastic’ system wires, which remain perfectly taut under all weather conditions, are attached using insulated profiles.

The Electric Fence system is designed with a high-quality electric fence unit divided into two individual zones. These zones have a maximum length of 350 metres. The system can also be installed on sliding gates (manual or otherwise), swing gates or speed gates.

The system can communicate alarm information in a number of ways:

This provides the user with various options to ensure that the alarm is displayed in time and the situation can be dealt with in a timely manner.