Bar fencing Heracles

A strong & robust fence

This fence combines a classic style with durability and safety. Vertical round bars are welded securely between top and bottom rails to form an impassable and secure barrier (the bar diameters vary depending on the fence height to provide maximum strength). The upper surface of the top and bottom rails is rounded to prevent moisture and dirt collecting. A serrated strip is welded along the top rail of high fences to prevent climbing.

This attractive fence is ideal for high-visibility commercial and industrial locations.

  • Elegant design for high profile locations
  • Easily combined with entrance gates and detection systems
  • Secure and suitable for all terrains
  • Serrated strip topping prevents climbing
  • Surfaces are resistant to moisture and dirt

Fences with the longevity of a house. You can be confident that they will still protect your site year after year. Thanks to a specialised galvanizing process, our fencing is resilient against atmospheric corrosion / rust formation, free from sharp edges, and has greatly improved protection against surface damage. This process is more environmentally friendly, without compromising on quality.

Why choose a pre-galvanized fence?

  • Smooth surface, no unevenness
  • Pleasing to the eye
  • Lower purchase price
  • Sustainable alternative
  • Powerful protection

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