Largest parcel sorting centre in the Benelux secured and maintained by Heras

At the end of 2019, DHL Parcel opened the largest and most sustainable parcel sorting centre in the Benelux. The sorting centre processes up to half a million parcels a day. Heras supported construction company Hercuton in securing more than 2 kilometers of perimeter and the management of traffic flow. The overall project was completed within a year.

The challenge

DHL Parcel opened the largest and greenest parcel sorting centre in the Benelux in October 2019 in Zaltbommel. The sorting centre handles more than half a million parcels a day to 140 depots and 21 DHL sorting centres in the Benelux and other destinations in Europe. Construction company Hercuton developed the building according to the BREEAM Excellent criteria for sustainable buildings. The building covers a total of 30,000 square metres and stands on a site the size of fifteen football pitches. Hercuton appointed Heras to secure the perimeter of this imposing building and to separate freight and passenger traffic.

The approach

The DHL Parcel Hub Zaltbommel is equipped to sort 500,000 parcels per day. Speed and efficiency are therefore of great importance.The sorting centre and the surrounding grounds are optimally designed for the rapid flow of freight traffic. Every day, hundreds of trucks and vans drive onto the site, delivering or collecting parcels at one of more than 172 docking stations. In addition, access for staff and visitors must be safely separated from freight traffic. In addition to this, the entire perimeter had to be secured with more than 2 kilometres of fencing. That is why Hercuton and DHL Parcel were looking for an expert, reliable and committed partner to realize this
challenging project. Heras was selected as the most suitable partner.

The result

With Heras’ products and services, inbound and outbound traffic of personnel, visitors and freight is separated in a safe, fast and efficient way. Partly because of this, DHL Parcel can process more than half a million parcels a day.

The solution

Together with Hercuton and DHL, Heras drew up an action plan. Ferdi van der Linden, Sales Advisor at Heras: “For the security of the entire perimeter we opted for our welded mesh steel product, Pallas Security. With over two kilometres of fencing, we have separated incoming and outgoing freight traffic at the relevant access points for visitors and staff. Heras also installed several access points throughout the perimeter. Firstly, traffic enters the site via a sliding gate and then has to pass through one of the six speed gates, utilizing an airlock security technique. Secondly, at the entrance there is a security lodge, in which the security staff can reach via two gates. Finally, the outgoing freight traffic leaves the site via two other speedgates”.

“Staff and visitors enter the grounds through an enclosed car park, which is closed with a sliding gate and a walkway for cyclists. They then enter the site on foot via a double turnstile. Heras also installed a sliding gate to create a bypass between passenger and freight traffic. Finally, two double swing gates and a sliding gate were installed in case of emergencies. We completed the entire project within a year. Hercuton and DHL Parcel were constantly kept up to date of our progress and we worked closely with other suppliers on site”. DHL Parcel’s sorting center is now operational. To ensure business continuity, Heras continues to be closely involved in maintaining all of the gates on the site.

Heras has also provided service and maintenance package to ensure 24/7 availability to resolve any issues within four hours. In addition, they maintain all mechanical and electrical components of the gates at least twice a year. In this way, they help ensure that the sorting centre continues to operate quickly and efficiently. This enables DHL to deliver millions of parcels on time.