Heras replaces Schiphol perimeter

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is protected by a perimeter of more than 30 kilometres. The fences, gates and security systems will all be preventively replaced in the coming years. Heras is managing this long-term and complex project by working closely with all parties involved.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is the largest airport in the Netherlands. The area is protected by more than 30 kilometres of fencing. This perimeter separates the secure airside terminal from the landside section (freely accessible to passengers and visitors) and prevents air traffic disturbances. Heras is responsible for the full management of the Schiphol perimeter. The company supplies, installs and maintains all fences, gates and security systems which serve to protect public and secure locations.

“When it comes to replacing the perimeter,we plan five years ahead”

Five-year horizon

Schiphol and Heras therefore developed a Multi-Year Maintenance Plan (MYMP) together in which the replacement of the perimeter is planned over a 5-year horizon. Siemensma: “When we are approaching the year in which the work is to be carried out, we agree on a strategy with Heras. What businesses and departments are involved? Have all the necessary permits been applied for? In coordinating the MYMP, we also consider other work being carried out at the airport. We tend to combine perimeter replacement with other types of work, such as installing pipes and cables and repaving roads.”

Heras also coordinates the perimeter replacement process closely with airport security. Before a part of the perimeter is removed, Heras first installs a temporary perimeter. The old part can be removed as soon as this has been approved by security. Once the new perimeter has been installed and approved, the temporary part is removed, so that the separation between airside and landside is guaranteed at all times.”

“We agree the right terms and apply for the right permits for every meter of perimeter”

Schiphol-style security

Although the project is sure to continue for another few years, Schiphol is already very satisfied with the upgrade of the perimeter. Siemensma: “We developed a future-proof perimeter that complies with the latest laws and regulations. The MYMP allows us to work ahead methodically and adapt to changes in time. We work closely with all stakeholders and make sure we can perform the work quickly, efficiently and – above all – safely. Heras have proved that they can manage sizeable projects like no other.”

Experts in perimeter protection

We design, manufacture, install and service perimeter protection solutions for customers across business, community and industry sectors. Our perimeter protection solutions are comprised of products and services, including demarcation, entrance control and detection products along with project management, system integration, installation, commissioning service and maintenance services. Our aim is to be recognised as Europe’s premium perimeter protection brand, proven by our reliability, commitment and expertise.

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