BIT data centre guarantees continuity thanks to impressive site security

Data centre BIT takes care of the IT and internet infrastructure of companies. BIT was looking for effective site security, so that the site cannot be accessed by intruders. Together with BIT, Heras provided a suitable security solution.

The challenge

BIT is a business internet service provider with its own data centre in Ede. BIT provides the backbone of customers’ IT and internet infrastructure, including colocation, internet connections and managed hosting. “The continuity of our services is the most important thing for our clients”, says Robert Korteweg, Data centre Engineer at BIT. “Whatever happens, their infrastructure must remain intact. Matters such as power supply, cooling and security play a major role in this. Security is not just about protecting customers’ data, but also about other things, such as emergency power generators on site. That is why we were looking for an expert who could secure our premises so that intruders would not have a chance of reaching our buildings and the data. ”

The approach

BIT itself had a clear picture of the security needs. “There was already a fence around our data centre, but it was too low,” explains Korteweg. “The intention was for the site security to slow down and deter intruders. That’s why we wanted a higher fence and an even higher Electric fence behind it. We also wanted to link everything to our existing alarm system. That had to be done properly, so we were looking for a solid party with an established name in the security market. That is how we soon ended up with Heras. ”

Heras and BIT together tested the security needs of the data centre. Robert Korteweg: “Heras looked at the situation on site. We then discussed the approach for the entire project. The security solution was then installed. Heras reused some parts of the existing fence. That all went very neatly. The communication during the installation of the security solutions also went very well. All points of attention were discussed and tackled immediately”.

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