Light, Medium or High: how safe is your data centre?

In addition to effective digital security, you naturally also want the area of ​​your data center itself to be extremely physically secure. But every data center is different and requires different security. Jan van Putten, Key Account Manager at Heras, discusses the ways in which you can secure the grounds of your data center. He does this by offering three example scenarios that differ in security levels.

Which security solutions suit your data center depend on various factors and your needs, such as the location of your center and the desired security level. But I can imagine that you are not quite sure what is possible regarding the security of your site. That is why I will show you which options suit different security levels using three scenarios.

Heras Security Model
To determine the most suitable security solutions, we use the Heras Security Model. This model combines the five most effective protection strategies: demarcation, deterrence, detection, delay and controlled access. The elements in the model are classified by security level. Together, these measures and the advice of our experts provide reliable, layered security for your site. Below are three example scenarios in which various measures are discussed.

Light – Safe fencing with an open appearance
For local and regional data centers that have regular visitors, a good balance between security and appearance is important. For demarcation, for example, bar fencing is an option. That is aesthetically pleasing and looks friendly. For added security, we can equip the fencing with “electric fencing,” a deterrent that uses electric current to locate and deter potential intruders from breaking through.

Medium – Multiple forms of detection
If you are responsible for an (international) retail or wholesale data center your customers most likely have higher security requirements. After all, they entrust you with their valuable information and systems, which are necessary to keep their organizations running. In that case, spatial detection sensors via infrared or ground detection are a good addition to demarcation.

Infrared columns behind the gates, for example, provide warnings when people enter your site. The fence detection can accurately report where unwanted activities are taking place. So you know where an unwanted person is even before they are aware of the detection. To optimize your detection, it is also smart to add a camera observation system to visually verify alarms. We always ensure that your cameras are placed in such a way that one camera also monitors another, so that if a camera fails, there is still an image of the relevant zone.

High – Integrated total security
Do you want the most advanced security solution, because you are responsible for a large data center, for example? Then there are various measures you can take.

First, all solutions from the “medium” security level are applied here. You can also choose “crash rated” access solutions. These include barriers with special foundations that enable them to withstand the impact of collisions with vehicles. In addition, it is important to consider the time that your access solution is open, for example with a speed gate. This is a folding gate that – as the name implies – opens and closes very quickly, but just as secure as a normal sliding gate. Finally, integration between your alarm response, fire protection and building management system is indispensable for a high level of security. This way you and your security personnel can take care of the total security of your data center from one platform.

What is the best solution?
Depending on your security needs and security factors there is a wide choice of potential solutions of different levels to secure your data center. Do you want to submit your security issues to an expert? Or do you need customized security advice? Then do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to discuss with you which solution best suits your data center.

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