How your access solution can contribute to safety in times of the coronavirus

Working to limit the spread of the Coronavirus begins with access to your premises. Heras is of course known as the expert in perimeter protection solutions, amongst other things, to provide controlled access to a site. In this article we explain how you, as building owner, Facility Manager or employee, can also use our solutions to work to limit the spread of the Coronavirus.

The 2 metre society brings challenges for everyone. How do we make sure we keep enough distance and minimise spread of the virus, so that everyone can go home safely at the end of the day? More frequent cleaning, cordoning off rooms or workplaces, determining walking routes – all contribute to a safer workplace for the employee. Additionally, the security of your premises can help limit the spread of the Coronavirus. Access control in particular can play an important role in this. A good access solution ensures controlled access to your site and location.

Solutions that you can deploy on your premises include:
1. Placing an electric drive on access solutions
2. Adding an access control system to the security of your premises
3. Heras Connect for monitoring your location remotely

Placing electric drives on access solutions

Gates or turnstiles on your premises are often opened with a latch or push handle. These are placed on your site to allow access in a controlled way on the one hand and to keep unwanted guests outside on the other hand. If you place an electric drive on these gates, guests on your grounds no longer need to touch the handle or handle. The gate opens automatically and closes automatically after use. Ask about the possibilities of placing an electric drive on your gate.

Adding an access control system to the security on your premises

With the Heras Access access control system, you have control over who enters your premises and when. People gain access with their mobile phone number, with this phone number your employees, suppliers or visitors can open the gate with one simple action on the phone. You decide for yourself which times and days people are granted access. In addition, you can easily adjust the rights yourself in the online environment. This solution is ideal for enabling controlled access to your site, without visitors to your site having to touch the access solution.

Heras also offers various communication systems (intercom, communication column) for personal verification and remote access. In addition, you can easily communicate about the guidelines on the grounds or, if necessary, do a short ‘check-up’ about the visitor’s health.