• Product information

    Swing gates are often used to provide pedestrians access to a premises. However, their control function is limited. For example, one person might open the gate after which several other people enter your grounds resulting in unauthorized visitors and inaccurate
    personnel lists in case of an emergency. A turnstile prevents these problems and keeps visitor flows under control. The Heras ST turnstile is fitted with an electromechanical lock. After being given authorization to enter, a slight push against the element is sufficient to start the rotary movement. Once this movement has been completed, the element is locked again automatically. The turnstile is highly suitable for industrial applications, but also for other environments such as swimming pools, schools or bike parking facilities.

    Investing in a Heras turnstile is investing in the look and security of your grounds. Our products always form part of a total security solution: uncompromising quality, with due attention to sustainability and attractively priced. If you have any questions about this product, or would like further advice on our other security solutions, your Heras contact will be pleased to help you!