• Product information

    This full-height turnstile provides easy-to-use, rugged and reliable, high security pedestrian control. It is available with straight or trombone rotor arms and with or without a canopy. Finishes include a fully galvanized version, with or without additional high quality polyester powder coating and optional stainless steel rotors to withstand the harshest external environments. The heavy-duty mechanism with continuously rated solenoids is designed for intensive use.

    The B700 is ideal for commercial and industrial locations (specifically unmanned perimeter security and employee controlled entrances).

    • Safe and regulated pedestrian control for a wide range of commercial/industrial applications
    • Rugged and reliable design for unsupervised use
    • Bi-directional electrical release
    • Minimum play at rotor tip ensures no access while locked
    • Programmable control unit interfaces to most access control systems