• Product information

    The Euro gate is an extremely robust and safe swing gate, available in different configurations to match the various styles of fence. The gate is available with a single-leaf or a double-leaf configuration. The gate leaves can turn through approx. 180° and can be horizontally adjusted, so that they will always hang straight and turn smoothly. Gate leaves wider than 3 metres have double top rails to replace diagonal braces – which would be a convenient aid for intruders wishing to climb the gate.

    The locks are sturdy and it is virtually impossible to force entry by sabotaging them. The safety lock can also be locked when the gate is in an open position. The drop bolt feature has been incorporated into a lock rail and, when closed, is secured in a stop pad. It is then impossible to lift the gate out.

    For extra safety, a single-leaf Euro gate can be fitted with an emergency lock; you can leave through the gate, but you cannot enter. Other options available include an electric lock release feature, a drive and a gate closer.

    And pedestrian gates with steel welded mesh panels are part of the range also. They come in single or double-leaf configurations of up to 3 metres wide.

    The height of the Euro gate varies between 1 and 2.5 m. It is hot-dip galvanised as standard but it can also be delivered with a high-quality powder coat in various colours.

    Heras offers two types of drive to electrically open and close swing gates. The choice depends on the width of the gate leaves. Double-leaf swing gates can also be driven electrically where oth gate leaves are given separate drives, but are controlled by one control unit. Electrically driven swing gates come with different safety features and can be operated in various ways e.g. using a simple key switch or an extensive access control system.

    Applications: business premises, office buildings, education institutions, multi-storey car parks, sports and recreation and garden and landscaping.