• Product information

    Opening and closing safely every time: this is the most important requirement for a cantilever sliding gate! When choosing a sliding gate for an office building, distribution warehouse, airport, port facility or other property, finding a custom solution that is the perfect fit for your property and specific needs is essential. The Delta fits seamlessly into this picture, given the wide selection of heights, widths, infills, colours, and extra
    features. Thanks to a new type of drive, the gate is a very attractive option, even when infrequently used.


    With more than 70,000 installed versions over the past 30 years, this reliable, solid, and robust sliding gate has proven its enduring value. The cantilever system guarantees reliable opening/closing and because no ground track is required for the gate movements, malfunctions caused by dirt or snow accumulation are a thing of the past. This also ensures efficient use and longer service life.

    Modular system

    Do you need to install in a city centre, on a parking garage roof, sandwiched between buildings, or in an existing fence line? No problem; the compact prefab gate elements fit in small, manoeuvrable trucks and can always be delivered close to location. This eliminates the need for cranes and forklifts for further transport and lifting. The modular system also makes the sliding gate easy to assemble on location.


    The Delta gate can always be supplied fully pre-assembled if the installation area is not restricted and you need to install the gate as quickly as possible with minimal disruption of site access.