• Product information

    A fence that allows unobstructed viewing from inside and at the same time limits viewing from passers-by outside to guarantee your privacy. Theia answers the need for fencing that offers both privacy and openness, combining the best of both worlds.

    Effective privacy and openness

    A bar fence is a popular solution to secure the perimeter of commercial, social and residential locations. Whereas a regular bar fence offers an unobstructed view from the outside, something that is not always desirable for some private locations, Theia provides the ideal solution: an unobstructed view from the inside, but cleverly restricted viewing from the outside.

    Theia features as standard

    • Rectangular (50 x 10 mm) bars.
    • Bars fixed perpendicular to the horizontal rails.
    • No dirt accumulation thanks to the very smooth coating and the use of convex horizontal rails.
    • Very good corrosion resistance thanks to the pre-galvanized material. Finished with epoxy primer and coating, the fence complies with corrosion class 5 (with triplex powder coating) to meet current market requirements.
    • The maximum opening of 110 mm between the bars guarantees optimum safety.
    • This means that the fencing meets all legal safety standards.
    • Difficult for intruders to climb over due to the absence of a horizontal rail on the outside.
    • Easy installation using standard components.