Sliding gate SHB

Robust and stable entrance control with opening up to 38 metres

The SHB sliding gate provides customised access, both for height and large widths. The double-leaf configuration of this gate can even bridge a width of 38 metres. The guide rail, supported on a concrete foundation beam, ensures that the gate movements are always stable. Because the gate can slide open extremely closely along the fence line, it is especially suitable for locations where there is limited available space around an entrance. The SHB is available with a manual and an electronic drive. It is also very easily fitted with a detection system such as Electric fence.

The SHB is standard available with the Heracles vertical bar infill, however other infills are available upon request.

Our gates are part of a complete security solution that includes a wide selection of fencing and detection systems.

  • Width up to 38 metres
  • Minimal required opening circle
  • Robust and stable

The European CE Standards for Automated Gate installations are revised and tightened

The safety requirements for CE certification is expected to become stringent from the end of 2021. The main purpose of these more stringent requirements is to increase safety levels and help further reduce the number of accidents in the future.

Heras products apply to the tightened CE-marking from the 1st of July. But what exactly does this mean in terms of changes for Heras products?


Heras Motor Drive
Heras Motor Drive is a motor control system developed by Heras for sliding gates such as Delta and iGate. Because we have developed this product in-house, we can tailor the control and adjust it optimally to your gate and your individual wishes.

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