There is a dilemma regarding the restriction of access to public areas. On the one hand, facilities are required to ensure optimum safety and security and should withstand vandalism. On the other hand, these facilities must not be a disturbing element in their surroundings and the consideration of friendliness and openness is important. These aspects are blended together in the solutions provided by Heras.

Our range contains several types of vertical bar fencing and gates to restrict access to locations such as school grounds, sports grounds, public parks and gardens or sports pitches. Heras offers a range of elegant and durable products with extremely sturdy and safe constructions. Where necessary, we will pour concrete footings around fence posts. And we even pay attention to acoustics so that local residents will not be disturbed by noise.

We also provide governments with non-mechanical security systems for sites such as allotments, storage areas and recycling centres. Heras provides reliable and durable solutions for efficient access control and security at the right level.