High-risk objects require the very best solutions. Think for example of the following sectors: chemicals, petrochemicals, energy, judicial institutions airports, railways, logistics, not to mention various sports grounds and stadiums. Do you prefer to mix and match different products from different suppliers in such matters? Or rather one single partner who has all the expertise and specialists at hand to develop and action a fully integrated security solution satisfying your own specific needs? A leading player who is quite used to performing at the highest levels.

Added value

Heras has a wide range of innovative products to make your outdoor security complete. We are always working on the development of new solutions with added value in the areas of safety, cost reduction, CO2 reduction and convenience, and most elements are manufactured in our own factory. Feel free to look in more depth at our product range.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact form.

Every industry has its own specific security issues. That is why Heras also creates specific security solutions for different market segments. These total solutions comply with our customers’ exact requirements.