Heras safety culture

We are the creators of a safe environment. We do this not only by installing the safest total perimeter protection solutions, but also by keeping an eye on everything that goes with it: a safe and healthy working environment for our colleagues and the partners we work with.

Our ‘new colleague’ and dedicated security buddy, Eric, will help us achieve this. Together with you and Eric, we will think positively about how to achieve a safe and healthy workplace. We will learn from and with each other.

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Going home safe

Everyone has an essential role to play in achieving our common goal: 0 accidents and zero work-related absences. By putting safety first at every stage of our operations, together we can ensure that everyone goes home safely at the end of the day.

Increasingly informed and responsible

Our new safety programme, launched in 2024, focuses on promoting an advanced safety culture where everyone is increasingly informed and feels increasingly responsible. Safety rules and procedures are the foundation of a safe and healthy working environment, but success depends on recognising their importance. Only by learning and improving together can we take safety and health to the next level.

Raising awareness and behaviour

That is why we are committed to improving safety awareness and behaviour. This starts with paying attention to each other and making safety and health a topic of discussion: do we dare to stop work when we have doubts about safety? Is there enough space to talk about unsafe or undesirable behaviour? Do we report unsafe situations?

A pleasant and safe working environment

Trust, taking responsibility and feeling supported are essential to making these issues open for discussion. By encouraging each other to identify unsafe situations and promoting desirable behaviour, we create a working environment where we continually challenge each other to improve working conditions and together ensure a pleasant and safe working environment.