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Heras is an ISO 9001 certified company, a premium European brand in perimeter protection. We aim to continually enhance our delivery of quality perimeter protection systems and services, strengthening our market leading position throughout Europe.

We recognise the need to make your experience with us as simple and efficient as possible every step of the way. Our experienced team provide the best advice about products, industry knowledge and cost effective solutions to guarantee your satisfaction. With extensive experience across a range of projects we can support you to deliver ideal fencing systems for a range of budgets and solutions.

We are very proud of our 98.6% on time delivery stat and do everything in our power to ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget, when we say we will delivery, we deliver.

We work with you making the process as easy as possible, freeing up as much time as possible. We have a range of documents easily available to supply or for a one-click download solution including brochures, installation manuals, Q40 and CAD drawings (also available and PDF)

All our solution are based on the Heras Security Model. Our model seamlessly combines the most effective protection strategies to provide reliable, layered protection for any terrain. Want to know more about security management and the Heras Security Model? Read our free longread here or go to the product download section.

CAD. Bringing your ideas to life

Once your specifications are received by our experienced team, they will start the process of designing your fence or gate down to the last detail, ensuring specification is adhered too, the design is fit for purpose and simple to install.

We operate from our site in Doncaster using the latest laser production methods and technologies for an accurate, quality finish. We can produce fence panels and gates accurately, efficiently and in bulk, resulting in shorter lead times while maintaining high standards of Heras quality.

All steel is galvanised (according to EN 1461) or pre-galvanised and powder coated upon request according to the customer’s colour specification.

A company you can trust

Heras are recognised by a number of trade associations. The membership and certification held with each of these bodies reflects our commitment to providing an excellent service, and also makes Heras a company who you can trust.

  • Vast experience
  • Industry knowledge
  • Specialist systems
  • Cost effective systems
  • Security solutions for any location/budget
  • Safe solutions for any location/budget
  • Range of systems available
  • Inspired/unique designs
  • Exceptional performance
  • Low-maintenance and long life
  • Excellent customer service
  • A company you can trust, we deliver on our word

Heras Security Model

Our model ensures that we seamlessly combine the most effective protection strategies and thus subsequently forms a reliable, practical security solution for every application.

By considering the different possible scenarios we can use our model to assign the relevant security level to each aspect of the perimeter security system and then propose the pertinent products to achieve that security level. This also means we can offer a tailor-made and integrated solution for every specific client need.

Based on these needs, we can agree a plan of action to implement the security proposal utilising the all of our experienced team members.

Learn more about Heras security model

How can we help you?

Perimeter protection is a challenge for any company. It always involves a number of steps, as described in this article. Heras advises on this.

We first determine the threat and what valuable assets you want to protect. Then we describe the scenarios that are relevant to your company. Together we determine how you can prevent these scenarios with the timeline analysis. Finally, we choose which measures you can take to achieve this.

By following these steps, we help companies in various countries to take their security to a higher level. Of course, we are also happy to help you with this.

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