Effective perimeter protection for an industrial site

The family owned company “Aquatherm”, headquartered in Attendorn (GER), is the world market leader for plastic piping systems. Within the framework of the required expansion of their production capacities, a new state-of-the-art pipe manufacturing facility with an area of 15,000 square meters over two floors was planned in the Attendorner industrial area Biggen.

To satisfy the requirements of this leading project, called “future pipe production”, Heras worked closely with an engineering office to develop an effective perimeter protection concept. The demarcation of the new factory site required approximately 285 meters of “Uni-fence” at a height of 2 meters. This fence system is characterized by high stability in combination with effective protection against climbing from the outside. Another challenge in the implementation was to bridge height variations in the terrain without reducing the reliability of the perimeter protection.

For effective entrance control of goods traffic, the planning office and the “aquatherm” executives chose for two electrically operated Delta sliding gates. These sliding gates, with an adjoining personnel swing gate, secure the entrances with an opening width of 4 meters and 6 meters respectively. To satisfy the expected high frequency of door movement cycles, the sliding gates were equipped with HMD (Heras Motor Drive) motors, especially developed for this application.

Due to the careful selection and combination of the installed products, the factory site is effectively protected, and the attractive “anthracite” color scheme perfectly accentuates the company’s high profile.