Heras has an active climate approach

Heras gladly takes on its social responsibility. Which is why we put a lot of effort into climate-resilient operations. It all starts with making the right choices. We make our social contribution, however modest it might be, by reducing our CO2 emissions, energy consumption and waste flows considerably. Our ambitions in this regard are realised by constantly innovating our products and processes and operating in a more sustainable way. To have a more powerful impact and take advantage of opportunities in the chain, we are joining forces with suppliers and consumers.

Concrete objectives

We consolidate our climate ambitions by setting concrete goals and working on various initiatives. Our multi-annual plan contains the promise that we will annually reduce our CO2 emissions – measured through production – by 2% until 2020. For instance, by meeting the requirements for sustainable business practices set out by the benchmark: the Level 3 CO2-Conscious Certificate( NL version)  of the CO2 Performance Ladder. However it does not stop there. You can expect more from Heras. We are not just spectators when it comes to the climate and our future.