Heras has obtained an environmental permit from the local government of Oirschot in the Netherlands, where we are based. We fully comply with all requirements of this permit. In addition, we have been NEN-EN-ISO 14001 certified since 2007. This certificate is audited by an external certifying body once a year.

We focus particularly on three aspects of our enviromental management.

Waste water

We uphold careful waste water management: Water is collected and then removed by an authorised body, so as to not burden the environment.


Our environmental responsibility is not limited to our own organisation. We also expect our suppliers to show that they are environmentally aware. For example, some suppliers manage the storage of environmentally burdening materials that are needed in the production process for us.

Packaging materials

A special packaging committee within Heras Products sees to it that our end products are carefully packed for transport, using the absolute minimum amount of packaging material required. A tight-knit management system ensures that we are constantly aware of where the material is and that it does not burden the environment unnecessarily.